Remembering Jess Franco (12.05.1930 – 2.04.2013)

Happy Birthday Jess Franco!

With just “a camera and freedom”, Jess Franco succeeded in showing his viewers another world. A world  free from the myriad invisible constraints imposed by the outdated societal norms. His colourful, hypnotic cinema seduces you away from the tyrannical dogmas of good taste and normality into another, poetic and whimsical, realm. With very limited means and often working against massive odds, the Madrid-born auteur has revealed to us an un-PC world where desire and obsession reign. Therefore, Jess Franco is a freedom fighter. The films of Jess Franco’s remain a perfect antidote from the soulless calculated plastic “entertainment” that’s filling the dreary multiplexes of today. His rebel cinema lives on.


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Jess Franco Collection
Amaray 2 DVD

Paula (Amber Newman), a young nightclub stripper, is picked up by a couple of rich weirdos advocating free love. She’s invited to spend a few days with them in a palace on a tropical island. There, in the midst of luxury and depraved sex rites, Paula will discover that her hosts are crazy about hunting and feasting on human flesh.

Artus Films present Jess Franco’s final film to be shot on 35mm (allegedly co-financed by the owner of Berlin’s oldest video rental store, Videodrom)  in an English-friendly 2-disc Special Edition. The second DVD features exclusive extras: extensive video footage of the Spanish master at work filming of TENDER FLESH and previously unpublished photos offering a glimpse into the world of Uncle Jess.

– Introduction by frequent Jess Franco collaborator Alain Petit
– “From Malaga with love” (a Making of with 3 audio options)
– La bouchée du cardinal (“Delicacy”)
– Working with Jess
– Life is Shit (La vie est une merde)
– Psycho-lettes (a short film)
– Slide-show of promotional posters and stills
– Trailers for Artus Films’ Jess Franco collection

DVD specs :
Running Time : 91 minutes
English and Spanish audio options
French Subtitles
Colour, Original 1.66:1 aspect ratio