R.I.P. Adolfo Lastretti (1937-2018)

Adolfo Lastretti’s sharp face is a familiar one to Eurocult fans. The dark-eyed, intense actor had appeared alongside such stars as James Coburn and Alain Delon over the course of a 40-year film career. He was unforgettable as the corduroy-clad hitman Tatum in Umberto Lenzi’s underrated SPASMO. You may have seen him as a kindly Catholic priest who falls prey to violence in Lucio Fulci’s twisted western FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE. Lastretti’s filmography amounts to around 40 film and TV appearances yet the man himself was more fond of stage work. Lastretti felt an actor’s artistic freedom was too limited with the cinematic medium. In his final years Adolfo Lastretti had retired from acting and enjoyed a peaceful life in the countryside. His last screen role was in the 1999 TV series VIVERE (“To live”). He was 81.

source: Notturno.it