UK indie outfit Carnie Films has released a teaser for their upcoming feature, THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS. Written, Directed and shot by the multi-talented Thomas Lee Rutter (DAY OF THE STRANGER, BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM ), the film presents a series of vignettes loosely tied by the subject of superstitions.. With its granulated black-and-white imagery and a darkly comic tone THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS sees filmmaker Thomas Lee Rutter further explore silent film aesthetics.

THE NEW YORK RIPPER Blu-Ray from The Ecstasy of Films delayed

French HD premiere of Lucio Fulci’s THE NEW YORK RIPPER courtesy of The Ecstasy of Films has been pushed back to the16th of May 2020. In gestation for several years, this collector’s edition has finally taken the shape of an attractive mediabook Blu-ray/DVD combo, limited to 1200 copies. Apart from the trailer, soundtrack CD and a 40-page booklet (in French) by film experts Lionel Grenier and Alain Petit, the edition, includes the following supplements:

Ripping Rememberances : an interview with Antonella Fulci (22min).

Don’t Fear the Ripper : an interview with the film’s star Almanta Keller (26min).

The Ripper Files : documentary featurette with supporting cast members Howard Ross, Barbara Cupisti et Zora Kerowa. (24min)

La Musique du sang : An interview with Daniele De Gemini, directeur of Beat Records Company en Italie. (18min)

Deux ou trois choses que je sais de Lucio… : an Inreview with screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti. (20min)

Le peintre du diable : An interview with artist Enzo Sciotti. (17min)

42nd Street Memories : The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Notorious Street directed by Calum Waddell (82min)

Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

Fans of Gothic and Euro-horror have something to look forward to next year – Crossbones Independent Films have released the first images from their upcoming feature film Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes.

Directed by Kevin Kopacka (Hades), the independent production promises to be a visual feast in the vein of Jean Rollin.

Set in a strange alternative reality, focuses on two lovers (Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch) whose idyll in an enchanted castle is ruptured with the arrival of two outsiders.

Shot entirely on location in a German castle, Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes is due to enter the festival circuit in 2019.

SUSPIRIA (2018) official trailer

With its muted colours and only a hint at stylized murder set pieces, the SUSPIRIA remake trailer is bound to divide fans’ opinions. This is not the candy-coloured fairy tale many generations of horror lovers have come to know and love. The filmmakers’ decision to shoot in Berlin (Argento’s original was filmed mainly in Munich) is an interesting one, and they certainly have captured the German capital’s urban decay vividly. It’s too early to tell but Guadagnino’s film could be a winner.

Sergio Stivaletti’s RABBIA FURIOSA trailer

Special effects wizard Sergio Stivaletti is about to unleash RABBIA FURIOSA upon the world. The trailer for THE WAX MASK director’s latest film is now online – and it’s not looking good. For his latest feature offering Stivaletti has foregone the supernatural in favor of the crime/gangster genre. If the trailer is anything to go by, Stivaletti’s hasn’t been honing his craft all that much since the disastrous 2004 horror anthology THE THREE FACES OF TERROR . The RABBIA FURIOSA trailer offers flat, cheap cinematography and lacklustre acting. That such a borderline home-made effort should merit a cinema release in Italy beggars belief.

Coscarelli’s Phantasm returns to German cinemas

Over 60 cinemas across Germany are screening Don Coscarelli’s 1978 classic PHANTASM (under its German title DAS BÖSE – “The Evil”) this coming weekend. Cinema Obscure brings back the first installment of the Tall Man saga in the uncut and remastered presentation. Further installments of the cult franchise will be released in cinemas later in 2018.