Remembering Jess Franco (12.05.1930 – 2.04.2013)

Happy Birthday Jess Franco!

With just “a camera and freedom”, Jess Franco succeeded in showing his viewers another world. A world  free from the myriad invisible constraints imposed by the outdated societal norms. His colourful, hypnotic cinema seduces you away from the tyrannical dogmas of good taste and normality into another, poetic and whimsical, realm. With very limited means and often working against massive odds, the Madrid-born auteur has revealed to us an un-PC world where desire and obsession reign. Therefore, Jess Franco is a freedom fighter. The films of Jess Franco’s remain a perfect antidote from the soulless calculated plastic “entertainment” that’s filling the dreary multiplexes of today. His rebel cinema lives on.

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